Welcome, 2020!

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Welcome, 2020!  I have a few announcements coming later in the month, so stay...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am thankful for all of you and for the opportunities I have been given this year.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and...

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Shop local

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I am an avid supporter of independent publishing and independent bookstores. I try to buy local whenever possible, avoiding Amazon and its wide-reaching arms. Parnassus is an asset to the city of Nashville, and Amazon opening its doors within arm’s reach is a threat....

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“She just can’t seem to stop writing.”

Posted by on Aug 22, 2019 in Miscellaneous | 1 comment

“She just can’t seem to stop writing.”

Yesterday, I was looking through some old papers I had kept from my college days.  I came across an assignment from when I attended the Florida School of the Arts my first two years of college.  I was majoring in Musical Theatre, with an acting emphasis, and the assignment was to write a character study of myself.  What was my backstory?  What were my gifts and talents?  Strengths and weaknesses?  Things I enjoyed?  It is a common exercise for an actor to do when playing a character, to explore what isn’t written in order to see the character as a real...

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True Writers of Fiction

Posted by on May 10, 2019 in Miscellaneous | 1 comment

We write, hiding behind our words, believing there is a protective wall between us and our readers.  Instead, we find that our very words betray us.  True writers bare their souls, whether they want to or not.  It seeps out in dialogue and creeps around the edges of themes and motifs, and we discover that what we most want to hide is staring back at us from the pages, interwoven into characters we created as a barrier.  It takes more courage to publish a story than it does to stand on a stage; we have no proscenium to protect us.

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Spring Retreat

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Necessary items for an all-female writing retreat.

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