Questions for Reading Groups or Book Clubs

Need a book for your Book Club?  Here are some suggested questions for discussion.

1. Before Chapter One, there is a pronunciation dictionary. What does this tell you about the book before it has even begun? Did you use it?

2. Early on, Edwin says he didn’t want to tell Adriana who he was because “he liked the feeling of anonymity.” Do you believe him?

3. Why do you think Edwin admires Mr. Tastan, the CEO of Kara Inci, so much?

4. Adriana and Edwin discuss Queen Victoria, and Adriana says she was “a woman ruler in an age when women didn’t have a voice in politics.” Why do you think she reminded them both of their own mothers? What does that say about current society?

5. After the crazy fan incident, Edwin’s friend Philip says that one out of every ten fans is a potential threat, that “all it takes is one little snub”. The author got this information from the head of security for a famous music artist. What do you think of that statement? Do you think it is an exaggeration? At what point does a fan become a threat?

6. Edwin remembers his first kiss with Mary Alice Rowan. How did that experience shape Edwin, then and now? What early experience did you have that shaped you as an adult?

7. Early on in their relationship, Adriana teases Edwin that the reason the public expects him to have a mystery girlfriend is because his character, Dr Hanover, should have a real-life damsel in distress. When he sees Adriana again in Istanbul, Edwin says “he saw her then as she really was. His damsel in distress.” What do you think of this statement? Is she his damsel in distress?

8. Mr. Talki compares Adriana to Helen of Troy. What comparisons can be made between the two women, and also the men in their lives?

9. There is a theme of fantasy vs. reality throughout the novel. What examples can you find that show this theme? How does Edwin finally resolve his quest for what is real?

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