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R.I.P. Marion Chesney Beaton

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This Scottish ball of fire known as M.C. Beaton was the prolific author of two popular mystery series starring her creatively-named detectives Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth.  I began reading her after being given an Agatha Raisin novel several years ago, and I proceeded to read every book in that series.  I moved on to the Hamish Macbeth series, which is set in her native Scotland. I then discovered that, prior to writing mysteries, she wrote hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of Regency romances.  My favorite little series of hers is a four-book Edwardian mystery series, beginning with the title Our Lady of Pain.  She is a loss to the mystery genre and will be greatly missed.

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Welcome, 2020!

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Welcome, 2020!  I have a few announcements coming later in the month, so stay tuned!

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Just Chilling

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Just Chilling

Winter inspires me.  During a season in which many people feel grey and colorless, trapped and isolated, I feel peace.  I enjoy the forced slow-down, the quiet solitude.  In spring, there is the pressure to perform, to look alive, to bring forth, but in winter, there are no expectations of colorful creativity.  My mind has the freedom to snuggle under the blankets.  The roots of my ideas are allowed to run deep beneath the frozen surface, where the soil is dark and rich.  Winter brings rest, where not just the body is restored, but the soul and spirit, as well.  Inspiration swirls like snowflakes; storylines etch their frosty paths across the glassy surface of my mind, ever-connecting in beautiful patterns that would dissolve in the glare of the sun.  Frost gives the appearance of impediment, but rather than a barrier, they are star-like pathways that I can follow in infinite directions, wherever they will lead.  Their muted colors will become vibrant in the spring, but for now, winter’s cold clarity allows me to see possibilities I would miss in technicolor.  The birthpangs of spring will come soon enough, so for now, I’ll quietly follow the ice-trails, catch the snowflakes on my tongue, and just chill.

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