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I kill people. Fictionally, of course! I write traditional mysteries with a literary twist, and sometimes something completely different!  Read my story to find out more.

By Ashley Sargeant Hagan


A Backstage Mystery

Ready, Aim, Murder!

An English country estate with a secret history becomes the set for a Regency-period movie. What could possibly go wrong? When a dueling scene ends in death, actress Anna McKay is determined to find out if it was an accident or murder. Can she trust her handsome co-star? Or the equally handsome assistant to the director?  And why does she keep dreaming about the past?

Guys—this boooooook! If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll love it. If you’re curious what life behind the scenes of a tv production is like, you’ll love it. If you love a good multi-layered mystery ala Agatha Christie, you’ll love it. If you love Jane Austen…you guessed it–you’ll love it. TRUST ME. YOU WILL LOVE IT! 

– Marisa Baker @theunwrittenword

Other Books


Who is Edwin Sterling’s Mystery Woman? Enquiring minds want to know.  And so does Edwin Sterling.

An actor who plays a detective on television is thrust into the middle of a mystery when he meets a beautiful woman on a plane.  An oil magnate with a death threat, a crazy fan, and a disappearing girlfriend force Edwin to prove whether he will live up to the heroic image of his television persona, or die trying.

Silver Bells

Hilarious Adventures in Christmas Shopping!

Three customers will stop at nothing to win the elusive Silver Bell Sunday gift certificate. A down-on-her-luck teacher, a savvy businessman, and a cut-throat professional shopper all vie for the prize. Who will win in the end, and what will they learn about giving in the process?


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Dying to attend the Southern Festival of Books?

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