Ready, Aim, Murder!

American actress, Anna McKay, is thrilled to be part of the Cavendish Manor cast, filming a period drama at an English country estate. She looks forward to working with her handsome co-star, but is equally intrigued by the new assistant to the director.  A series of practical jokes on set causes her to fear someone is sabotaging the show, and her equilibrium is further off-balance when she has inexplicable visions that hint of the house’s sinister past.  When the practical jokes turn deadly, Anna isn’t sure who to trust, or if she will make it out of Cavendish Manor alive!

Who is Edwin Sterling’s Mystery Woman? Enquiring minds want to know.  And so does Edwin Sterling.

Made famous by his character, a medical doctor who solves crimes, Edwin Sterling is stuck in a media frenzy that reports every aspect of his life. He longs for a relationship based on reality, not fantasy. He also secretly feels dwarfed by the brave, intelligent image of his famous character, and wishes he could be more like him in real life. While the tabloids falsely accuse Edwin of having a mystery girlfriend, he meets Adriana, a beautiful American doing research at the British Museum. But strange things happen around her. Is it coincidence, or is she a cold-blooded killer? Edwin refuses to believe she is anything but perfect, but when she disappears, he will have to cross the world to find out the truth.

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While Christmas shopping in London’s West End, Emerald Donnelly stumbles upon a dead body, making an already bad day worse. To top it off, she’s now a “person of interest.” But Emerald has a crime-solving friend: actress Portia Valentine. Can they solve the mystery on Regent Street, or will Emerald spend Christmas behind bars?

Hilarious adventures in Christmas shopping!

Three customers will stop at nothing to win the elusive Silver Bell Sunday gift certificate.  A down-on-her-luck teacher, a savvy businessman, and a cut-throat professional shopper all vie for the prize.  Who will win in the end, and what will they learn about giving in the process?

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