It’s a new January.  It’s the time of year to make plans for the future: goals, objectives, resolutions.  This year, I was inspired by this photo I took at the Opryland Hotel here in Nashville.  Every year, thousands of visitors make a pilgrimage to the Opryland Hotel to gaze in wonder at the decorations, inside and out. It is famous for its outdoor light display.  And while I did enjoy it in the traditional sense, horizontally like a landscape, for some reason this year I decided to look up.

One of my favorite Hallmark Channel Christmas movies (yes, I am one of those people!) is titled Christmas List.  At one point, the young woman in the story is encouraged to lie down under the Christmas tree and look up through the branches.  It gives her a totally different perspective of the tree.  So this year, I looked up.  I looked through the light-covered branches, instead of at them from the sidelines.  When I look at this picture, it makes me think of stars filling the galaxy, the ones we can’t even see (especially in a light-filled city).  The ones that prove to us that there is more sky than we know about, more to dream about, more to reach for.  It gives me a new perspective, and right now in this new January, I need that.  I need to see differently than before, to think even more outside the box.  I need to look up and know that there is so much more to know, to understand, and to strive for.

So find your new perspective this January, and look at the ordinary from an extraordinary viewpoint.

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